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    How to donate on our site ?

    AT the moment we currently only accept donations through PayPal and Stripe.

    How to became a volounteer ?

    Review the list of current intern and volunteer opportunities on Volunteers Page. Then, fill out our volunteer application form. In addition, you are welcome to email your cover letter and resume to volunteerteam@TradeInAfrika.org with the name of the position to which you are applying in the subject line. You will receive a confirmation email and will be contacted if you are selected as a candidate.

    How does the money get to the project?

    Every month, we compile the funds a project has raised for a particular country and send them to an organization that has agreed to work on behalf of TradeInAfrika.org—typically by wire transfer.

    Can I donate anonymously?

    Of course! We understand your desire for privacy and take it very seriously. During the check-out process, you may select to make your donation anonymously. TradeInAfrika.org will still ask for your name, billing address, and email for tax purposes, but we won't share any of this information with the project to which you have donated. However you will still receive thank you emails and project reports if you request them.

    Is there any way to keep track of my donations?

    Yep! When you give through TradeInAfrika.org, we'll you ask to share a few pieces of information with us, like your name and email address, so we can create a profile for you. This profile will allow you to keep track of your giving history and access project updates. Additionally, we'll send you a receipt for every donation you make to TradeInAfrika.org.

    Is there a minimum donation?

    The minimum donation on the site is $10 USD, £5 GBP, €5 euros (EUR)

    Can I donate goods to a project instead of money?

    Unfortunately, TradeInAfrika.org does not facilitate the donation of material goods at this moment.


    TradeInAfrika.org strongly believes that the best way to transform Africa is by supporting it ourselves and not constantly depending on outside help when we already have enough resources to BRING and KEEP ourselves UP!




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